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17 Signs You Might Have A Makeup Addiction

  1. You’ve caught yourself making the dreaded / terrified mascara face. gifmaand you’re not even concerned anymore.

  2. You’ve lived by this eyebrow accuracy… eyebrow

  3. Your skills of putting on eyeliner have gone from this, eyeliner to this eyelinerskills

  4. Your abilities to apply eyeshadow have gone from this:

    eyeshadowfunto this…eyeshadowboom

  5. And your lipstick creativity has gone from this to,


  6. You’re exceptionally proud of your restraint… spongebob

  7. And it annoys you greatly to be called out on it…callout

  8. You have coveted a fictional characters beauty and makeup style. disneymakeup

  9. When removing mascara is like a fortune worse than death itself. mascararemoval

  10. Making this one more reason to envy Mulan. mulanmakeup

  11.  The truth in this is almost painful… truth

  12. If you’re late to mostly everything in life… 5min

  13. However, you’re also great at getting ready on the go… makeuponplane

  14. Ludicrous makeup shade names don’t seem to disconcert you at all. shades

  15. You know what it’s like to feel this pain… bedtimemakeup

  16. And of course you know what wasting makeup is like… wastedmakeup

  17. And lastly, Magic mirror… This is you every. single. day. magicmirrormakeup

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